Psychedelic Retreats (in english)

Psychedelics have been used for healing and transformation for thousands of years. In the last couple of decades it has also come back into the scientific and pychotherapeutic world. With astonishing results.


A good place to read up on the newest research with different substances is:MAPS - the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.


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Art by Jonas Studer - Myzelografie. 2022


Abbilder des
transformierenden Momentes zwischen dem Myzel

eines Austernseitlings mit  Kodak Rollfilmen.

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I work in co-facilitating mushroom retreats with Kiyumi and TK Holistic.

next one 25.2.-2.3.2024 in NL

psylocibin retreat mushrooms


Kiyumi offers legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, utilizing psilocybin truffles, supported by a comprehensive integration program for a safer and deeper connective Experience.

The effects of Psilocybin, the bioactive compound in magic mushrooms and truffles, are wide reaching and multi-faceted. We have many years of working with it in a multitude of diverse settings, and have come to the conclusion that the most meaningful outcomes can only be achieved through integrating the psychedelic experience with the help of dedicated space-holding facilitators. As the frontiers of psychedelic research continue to expand at breakneck pace, we stay on the forefront with new and unique innovations of practice and application.


Taking the time to disconnect from daily routines, and tune in to our body-wisdom, allows us the space to connect to a much needed sense of softening and vulnerability. In these states, we can safely explore our inner workings, gaining deeper insight into the shadow realms that harbour the keys to our self acceptance, our fears and our doubts. It is both our personal and professional experience that creative processes, arts and holistic bodywork, when part of a comprehensive integrative program, are indispensable catalyst to self-discovery.

While working with psychedelic tools, we unite with and cherish our bodies, using expressions such as dance, movement and authentic voice. Through these we embody our emotions and deeply connect with ourselves and with others.

Many cultures recognize the great importance of grounding touch. Simple physical contact can be extremely supportive when done safely and consensually with clear expression of boundaries. In our work, we broaden the meaning and application of nurturing touch to help release the build-up of stress in our individual and collective nervous systems.


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