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I also work with Kiyumi, co-facilitating their mushroom retreats.


Kiyumi offers legal psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands, utilizing psilocybin truffles, supported by a comprehensive integration program for a safer and deeper connective Experience.


The effects of Psilocybin, the bioactive compound in magic mushrooms and truffles, are wide reaching and multi-faceted. We have many years of working with it in a multitude of diverse settings, and have come to the conclusion that the most meaningful outcomes can only be achieved through integrating the psychedelic experience with the help of dedicated space-holding facilitators. As the frontiers of psychedelic research continue to expand at breakneck pace, we stay on the forefront with new and unique innovations of practice and application.


Our Bodies

We believe that the body is a vehicle of awareness, and movement is its primary language.

Taking the time to disconnect from daily routines, and tune in to our body-wisdom, allows us the space to connect to a much needed sense of softening and vulnerability. In these states, we can safely explore our inner workings, gaining deeper insight into the shadow realms that harbour the keys to our self acceptance, our fears and our doubts. It is both our personal and professional experience that creative processes, arts and holistic bodywork, when part of a comprehensive integrative program, are indispensable catalyst to self-discovery.

While working with psychedelic tools, we unite with and cherish our bodies, using expressions such as dance, movement and authentic voice. Through these we embody our emotions and deeply connect with ourselves and with others.

Many cultures recognize the great importance of grounding touch. Simple physical contact can be extremely supportive when done safely and consensually with clear expression of boundaries. In our work, we broaden the meaning and application of nurturing touch to help release the build-up of stress in our individual and collective nervous systems.


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On Identities

As the field of Psychedelic Sciences continues to unfold and reveal an ever-growing list of benefits for body and mind, we are deeply grateful to the countless generations of shamans, healers and curandero-as from across the globe who practiced and developed this work for millennia. For years uncountable, open-hearted tribes and traditional healers have been sharing their deep knowledge of plant medicine and their message of community connection. Inspired, we are resolved to face and meet the challenges present in our own era - integrating plant wisdom into a modern globalized culture. 

We recognize the need to create contexts that respond to life’s diversity and transcend the restrictions imposed by social norms. By creating safe and supportive spaces, we aim to alleviate the threats non-normative communities face when opening up to the world.

It is our community’s mission to create environments where being oneself is acknowledged and supported and different identities of gender, sexuality are embraced. 

We equip participants with the tools to explore their own path of peace and liberation, while supporting them through transparency and non-judgment. 


The Long-Term Vision

We believe that safe psychedelic experiences should be accessible not only to those of privileged financial means, but to everyone. To assure that our retreats are also accessible to those limited in resources, we offer a range of differently priced packages and an efficient scholarship program is being put into place. We aim to allocate funds for organising workshops on integration processes, drug-related safety and harm-reduction, addiction awareness, creative holistic practices, LGBTQIA, and other related topics.

We aspire to build an intergenerational, inclusive and mixed platform, also accessible to differently abled people.

We believe that our work, and that of the psychedelic community as a whole, has the potential to change our society and culture on a large scale. Recent studies have shown that people who have participated in small group facilitated psychedelic journeys become more community-minded and less individualistic. We have personally witnessed how psychedelic practices pave the way for more social empathy and promote cooperation, allowing groups to move away from centralized power structures towards more inclusive and collaborative communities.

Reconnection with nature is close to our hearts, and we are ever aware of our impact on the environment. The experience in itself is a powerful tool to raise one’s ecological awareness and interconnectedness with our natural surroundings.


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Retreats I will be Co-facilitating: 14.-20.7.23